Low Moisture and Steam Cleaning

The major carpet mills do not recommend low moisture carpet cleaning, The cleaning procedures consist of the cleaning tech pre-vacuuming the carpet then the tech lightly sprays a cleaning solution on the carpet fibers, then he uses a buffer and cotton pad to pick up the surface soil and moisture.

Advantages of low moisture Carpet Cleaing

  • Quicker dry times.
  • Less time the tech is in your home.
  • Cost should be less then steaming cleaning.

Disadvantages of low moisture Carpet Cleaing

  • Low moisture isn’t recommended by the major Capet Mills.
  • Pet urine isn’t rinsied out the carpet fibers.
  • Steam cleaning is a deeper clean.

  • The buffer cannot reach the corners and edges.

Companies who offer the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Method
Carpet and Rug Institute Green Seal Approval
1. Heavens Best no
2. Hens Dry no
3. Oxy Magic no
4. Chem Dry yes
5. Host yes
6. First Class Floor Care yes

Host uses wet cleaning powder that the tech presses into the carpet. They say their wet cleaning agent attaches to the soil then is removed with vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning or Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
HWE – The cleaning tech uses a portable or truck mounted hot water extractor to rinse and extract the dirt from the carpet fibers in your home or office. Truck mounted units can offer better results.

Advantages of steam cleaning

  • Steam cleaning is recommended by all the carpet mills.
  • Tech is able to reach edges, corners.
  • Deep Steam cleaning cleans and rinses each fiber.
  • Hot water cleans better.
  • HWE-helps keep carpets cleaner longer.

Disadvantages of steam cleaning

  • Dry time is a longer longer.
  • Cleaning will take a little longer than low moisture cleaning.
  • Cleaning cost slightly higher than low moisture cleaning.

Companies who offer the Steam cleaning or Hot water extraction cleaning method
1. Coit.
2. Stanley Steemer.
3. Zerorez.
4. First Class Floor Care.

Carpet Shampooer Most major retailers sell the smal DIY model or you can rent the Rug Doctor from the grocery store or DIY center.


  • User-friendly and light weight.
  • Great for spot cleaning.
  • You can do it yourself.


  • Small vacuum motors will leave shampoo in carpet.

  • You need to rinse several times.

  • Cleaning solution can be expensive.

  • Cleaning large areas can take several hours.

  • The time spent going back and forth to the store.