Commercial Restroom Tile & Grout Cleaning in Corona

If you’re seeking commercial restroom tile & grout cleaning in Corona California we can assist you.

We've been serving Corona businesses with their restroom tile and grout cleaning for over 16 years.

Many businesses in the Corona area, and all over San Bernardino county, depend on First Class Floor Care to clean, sanitize, and maintain, their commercial restroom title and grout. 

With the Covid situation as well as flu seasons, restroom sanitization has never been in higher demand, and often mandated, so we are an excellent choice for the job. As we have been providing commercial title and grout cleaning for over 16+ years we always hit the ground running.  We are not a ‘start up’ company trying to gain market share in a time when company’s are wanting to ‘up their game’ when additional cleaning services are wanted and required.  

We know commercial restrooms endure constant traffic which is why so many businesses depend on us for regular title and grout maintenance. Clean tile and grout as well as sanitization will keep restroom spaces clean and presentable.

First class floor care has the knowledge, equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to do a proper job in terms of commercial restroom cleaning.

Corona Commercial Restroom Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Clean restrooms make a good first impression and any other condition speaks volumes.  

Daily cleaning is simply not enough.  Daily maintenance is fine for splashes of water, polishing the chrome, emptying trashcans, and attending to toilets, but deep cleaning tile and grout is needed to keep bacteria at bay. Our tile and grout cleaning for commercial bathrooms will make your space look great and any bacterial causing odors will be eliminated. 

Corona Commercial Restroom Floor Cleaning

Of course commercial restroom flooring endures a great deal of traffic each day.  We know that all types of dirt and debris are tracked into commercial restrooms so sanitization and deep cleaning is necessary to keep a pleasing appearance.  Whether you have ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or natural tile, we will clean and care for your restroom floors with the appropriate commercial cleaners and equipment.

Title & Grout Restroom Cleaning

We can give you a ball park quote over the phone or by text, so contact us to see how can help your business.