Resilient Floor Cleaning

For the past five years resilient flooring has been the most popular flooring installed for residential and commercial customers in the USA. The growth of this flooring category is no surprise because its less expensive then traditional hard surface floors and is easier to install. Another factor has been the technology of resilient vinyl floors have evolved from the early days of linoleum floors that were in most kitchens and bathrooms in the 60’ and 70’s. The manufactures can now produce the high quality water proof decorator Vinyl floors that are easier to clean up pet accidents and food & drink spills. The high quality photo imaging has enabled the vinyl category to produce flooring that resembles upscale real wood, tile and natural stone.

WARNING: Using harsh cleaning agents or sliding furniture without leg tabs may damage the wear barrier.

Research and experience has shown their isn’t any flooring that is bullet proof from damage. When you need help to properly clean your resilient floors call First Class Floor Care. We are here to help!

Once it’s time to deep clean your resilient floors, our team has the right tools and cleaning solutions to remove the embedded soils & bacteria on the surface of your floors. Our cleaning solution was formulated to include a sealer that fills in scratches and protects the wear barrier, which will prolong the beauty of your resilient floors.

Buyer Beware - When purchasing new resilient floors for your home or business, we recommend you research the quality standards of each manufacture that you’re interested in purchasing there flooring.

The following information will explain some benefits and differences that may help with your next flooring decision:

1. Quality product = Best Durability.
2. Best manufactures Warranty.
3. Best selection – for matching your color scheme and floor style you desire.
4. Which manufactures who offers a quality wear barrier.
5. Picking a high rated retailer who has a great relationship with the manufactures.
6. Retailer who guarantees the flooring contractors work.

LVT is PVC Plastic vinyl composite which is water proof comes in many colors and styles WPC Is a wood plastic composite constructed with a water proof core it makes ideal durable comfort and sound insulating performance.

LVP is a vinyl waterproof plank with a wood designs. It’s highly durable and resistant to scuffs and will enhance any décor.

SPC is a Stone plastic composite also known as rigid core. SPC floors are Ideal for high traffic areas because it has limestone added to its core layers of the floor giving it superior durability.






PRO’s & CON’S of Luxury Vinyl Floors


1. Easy to install the cost to hire a professional is lower than most flooring installations and is can be installed by handy DIY.

2. Variety of Styles many patterns and colors choices.

3. Cost effective compared to other flooring but always buy a quality product for the best long term results.

4. Pet accident and drink & spills safe gives you time to clean up accidents.


1. Can off gas VOC’S Just make sure the product you purchase is floor score certified.

2. May fade from UV light – sunlight.

3. Some of the Vinyl’s are very soft which can be dented or scratched.

4. They are not Bio-Degradable.

5. The vinyl floor has picture image printed on particle board that can be damage over time.

6. In most cases there isn’t any upscale value when you sell your home.

7. Most landfills will not except.