Natural Stone

Natural Stone Floors and countertops can be the most beautiful surfaces in any room in a home if properly maintained. Natural Stone is very soft and porous which causes the surface to stain and etch easily if not properly sealed. Many of the stone surfaces can be honed Matt finish or polished a reflective shine. Because natural stone such as travertine, limestone & marble are soft materials and will scratch if the floor isn’t kept clean from outside soils, also your furniture needs protective tabs under legs to prevent damage to your floor.








Our Services Include

  • Cleaning & Sealing

  • Honing Diamond Grinding

  • Polishing Reflective Shine

  • Hole, Pit & Scratch Repair

  • Stain Removal

  • Grout & Caulking Repair

The Granite Countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms are ideal for durability and style plus is easy keep clean and is harder to stain or scratch. When choosing stone floors the two chooses are Travertine or Limestone which can be in a honed or polished finish and will add value to any home.

Since the 90 s Interior designers and homeowners first surface choose for their Kitchen and bathrooms countertops has been Granite. This stone is durabile, heat resistant and stylish and will enhance the value of your home.

The three most popular Natural stones installed for flooring is Travertine, Marble and Limestone. They all offer the wow factor in any setting if properly maintained. Marble comes in a polished finish, Travertine and Limestone come in a matt finish or can be polished.

Natural Stone is a material of mother earth, it takes millions of years of compressed minerals, heat & gas to produce this beautiful natural resource. Natural stone is quarried all over the world from countries such as Turkey, Brazil, China, Austria and Mexico. The Quarries require massive equipment and intensive labor cost along with the logistics of shipping. All these factors of production and shipping cause Natural Stone to be more expensive floor tile to purchase and install.

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Stone treated with enhancer
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