VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)

Vinyl Composition tile “VCT “ has been the standard floor choice for commercial businesses for over 60 years . VCT floors are the most economical to install and if maintained properly can project a clean and shiny reflective image in your office, medical facility or retail space.

Services We Offer for “VCT“ (Vinyl Composition Tile)

  • Stripping Wax

  • Re-Applying floor finish

  • Burnishing

  • Maintenance Service

The Best Procedures That Will Prolong The Life Cycle Of Your VCT Floors

  • Use a high solid wax finish

  • Floor mats on the Entries & Exit doors

  • Dust mop every day, this eliminates soils damaging floor finish

  • Wet mop spills as they happen

  • Don’t use too much water mopping and clean mop water often

  • Maintain buff top layer finish when needed, & apply NEW floor finish

VCT is a very soft vinyl flooring material that if it isn’t maintained properly with a quality wax it will scratch, scuff up and just ugly out. When your VCT floor isn’t protected moisture can cause the VCT to curl the tile also the wax will give you time clean your soil & spills before they stain vinyl floor.

First Class Floor Care understands your VCT Floors can represent a positive image for your place of business, that’s why we only use the best materials and equipment to achieve the results you desire. We are always take the extra steps needed such as keeping the surrounding floors clean, along with being careful with your office furniture and office equipment. We understand you have busy schedule that’s why we make every effort to be very flexible to work around your business hours.