Fontana Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We've been providing Fontana commercial floor cleaning services for over 16 years.

Our Fontana commercial floor cleaning services are suitable for any size commercial spaces and industry.  Whether your business is hospitality, retail, education, sports related, public or private, we can assist you with all your flooring cleaning services.

We know it is cliché, but there truly is no job too big or too small for our firm. 

We can provide a quick estimate over the phone so call or text us anytime. 

Our primary service areas include Fontana to Temecula and Palm Springs to Corona and everything in between.

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About our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Our commercial floor cleaning jobs are typically vinyl/VCT, carpet, tile, natural stone, cement, epoxy, or resilient type flooring.  Our service is superior as we of course use only  commercial grade cleaning tools, equipment, chemicals and cleaners. 

Attempting to clean commercial flooring without the proper tools will be difficult and the results will likely be disappointing. 

The staff at First Class Floor Care has 16+ years experience cleaning commercial flooring so you can have confidence that the results will be excellent. 

Commercial flooring endures constant foot traffic during business hours and if not properly maintained will not provide a long lasting surface. 

First class floor care has the knowledge, equipment, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to meet your expectations.

Fontana Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Untidy or dirty restrooms can spoil a customer’s first impression of your business. When a restroom’s floor tile and grout looks dingy and unclean there is great possibility the floor is holding bacteria which can cause unpleasant odors in addition to the unsightly appearance.  Our commercial flooring services include the cleaning and sanitize your restrooms.

Fontana Commercial VCT-Vinyl Composition Tile

VCT flooring is a 12”x 12” Glued down vinyl tile that is least expensive flooring to install and has been popular with commercial building owners since the 50’s. Our commercial VCT service includes:

  • Scrub VCT & recoat with floor finish.
  • Restoration Strip & re-finish.
  • Burnishing – heats the finish for a higher clarity-
    Disclaimer: If the floor is uneven with high spots the burnishing can damage the tile.

Fontana Commercial Resilient Floor Cleaning

Resilient decorative flooring is replacing VCT in many commercial buildings today. The quality of vinyl has improved and the photo imaging technology has enabled the manufactures to produce floors that resemble wood, tile and natural stone floors.

Some of the choices now available on the market today include:

  • LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile
  • LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • WPC Wood Plastic Composite
  • SPC Stone Plastic Composite

Fontana Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First class floor care has been cleaning commercial carpet areas for our Fontana business partners for over 16 years. We offer two carpet cleaning methods: Hot water extraction and Low moisture bonnet cleaning. Because commercial buildings receive more outside soils from foot traffic then residential floors the carpet mills recommend commercial carpets be cleaned at least once a year to maintain its beauty (and some warranty’s).

What to expect with a first class floor commercial carpet cleaning service:

  • Pre-inspect carpets for extra soiling and stains.
  • Pre-vacuum carpets.
  • Pre-treat carpets with a cleaning solution.
  • HWE or Low moisture clean.
  • Included deodorizer & sanitizer.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

The furniture in your Fontana commercial spaces should periodically clean. This will ensure embedded soils, body oils, dry skin and spills can be removed from the fabric to sanitize & freshen up your employees and clients environments.

We’ve been cleaning upholstery for over 16 years so you can have confidence in this line of service as well.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Concrete flooring is becoming a popular replacement for VCT & tile floors in many commercial Fontana buildings. Concrete is very versatile flooring, it can be painted, floor grinded or polished.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Cleaning

Epoxy floors are typically installed in residential garages and commercial building when a business needs a durable floor that stands up to most chemicals and heavy equipment. We are one of the few company’s that has experience in cleaning epoxy floors.