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Tile & grout cleaning

Everyone knows keeping tile grout clean is a constant, high labor task. It’s neither easy or pleasant for the average person but for  professional floor cleaners however, it’s no problem as they have all appropriate tools and commercial cleaners.   

Natural Stone cleaning

Cleaning grout on natural stone floors is a whole different task than when the material is is ceramic or porcelain, or other man made product. Natural stone cannot tolerate many over the counter cleaners and they will damage stone quickly. 

Carpet Cleaning

First Class Floor Care will make your carpets and rugs look and feel great just like when they were new.  Pet stains, coffee stains, and odors? No problem, we have solutions for all types of stains and problem areas. Cleaning also extends the life of our carpet and rugs.

Redlands Grout Cleaning

As we are located in Riverside, our primary areas of service include Redlands, Colton, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Loma Linda, and all the surrounding areas. Whether you are in need of residential or commercial Redland grout cleaning, we can get the job done with confidence and ease.  All our staff has years of experience so no worries about inexperienced technicians with us.  Need references? No problem, just give us a shout or you can review some of our testimonials here

Corona Floor Cleaning Service

No grout job too big or too small

We’ve been cleaning grout for our Redland neighbors for 14 years. We’re the solution to restoring your floors to like-new condition. All you need to do is make the call.

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Why Chose Us?

Redlands grout cleaning can be a back-breaking and a labor intensive job for the average homeowner and often the results are not so great due to the lack of professional tools and cleaners.  We see that most tile in the homes or businesses in the Redlands are are either Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, both which are man-made that are fired Glazed for strength and durability. The cleaning of both of these tile types are surely the easiest part of the cleaning process except if any waxes or topical coating are applied on the tile surface which requires additional steps. The most difficult part of cleaning any type of tile floors is the grout because grout is a cement based product that is susceptible to staining if isn’t been properly sealed. It’s also often porus which grabs and holds the dirt and stains. The good news is that we can clean your grout and renew the luster of your old grout with grout color stain seals which offers the best protection against future stains.


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