We've been providing Woodcrest carpet cleaning services for over 14 years.

As we are located in Riverside we have especially quick scheduling time for Woodcrest, Corona, Loma Linda, Menifee, Moreno Valley and surrounding areas. 

Stains from pets, food, liquids, and high traffic areas can seldom be removed fully and permanently with over the counter products and techniques. We have the proper tools and professional cleaning products to get even the toughest stains out. 


Tile cleaning isn’t to difficult if you have the correct tools and equipment. If not, it can be a challenge. We specialize in all types of floor cleaning with special expertise in tile. Whether it’s natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain, we sever both residential and commercials applications.

If you think cleaning tile is tough, cleaning grout is even more labor intensive. Most grout is porous so once dirt gets into it, it takes special techniques to remove it. We have all the latest tools to get the job done quickly and easily, and with eco friendly cleaners.

Natural stone requires special and specific handling whether it’s your floors, showers, inside or outside. Natural stone like marble and travertine require gently cleaning solutions or the stone will be severely damaged. 


Vinyl flooring whether it is in a residential or commercial setting is best cleaned by a professional firm with the correct equipment and cleaning supplies. We have special expertise in commercial applications and provide residential services as well.


Get tips to keep your floors looking good for years to come. Taking off shoes is great but not always possible and high traffic areas are always an issue. 

Get a free estimate and get scheduled. 


Family & Pet Safe

Our focus is always on your safety for family and pets which is why we also use California compliant solutions free of APEOs & Phosphates that are known to cause cancer.

It’s no secret why “coupon carpet cleaners” advertise low prices…they are of course skipping important steps and using  cheap harsh cleaning chemicals. Many news programs have exposed the Bait and Switch tactics of “coupon carpet cleaners”.

We are always respectful of our clients properties

Our carpet cleaning process cleans without soaking your carpets. It’s a quick dry time, about an hour, that eliminates harmful mold and mildew and re-appearing spots. Your carpet will be clean, smell fresh and feel soft under your feet like when it was brand new.

First Class Floor Care offers the two most popular carpet cleaning methods HWI (Steam Cleaning) and Low moisture Cleaning (Dry in 1-2 Hours). Because every customer has different cleaning needs we offer you the choose of 3 cleaning packages below. With each cleaning packages our technicians are trained to go the extra mile for your complete satisfaction.

Standard Package

All the items described below
  • Inspect Carpet, Pre-Treat Spots, Pre-Spray Carpet
  • Hot Water Extract Carpet, Condition Water System (Zero Residue), Rinse with neutralizer

Premium Package

All the features described below
  • Inspect Carpet, Vacuum Carpet, Pre-Treat Spots, Move More Furniture, Pre-Spray Carpet
  • Hot Water Extract Carpet, Condition Water System (Zero Residue), Rinse With Neutralizer
  • Deodorant-extra, 2 Pair Booties, Groom carpet

Pet Treatment

All the features described below
  • Inspect Carpet, Vacuum Carpet, Pre-Treat Spots, Move More Furniture, Pre-Spray Carpet
  • Hot Water Extract Carpet, Condition Water System (Zero Residue), Rinse With Neutralizer
  • Deodorant-extra, 2 Pair Booties, Groom carpet
  • Enzyme Carpet Spots, Apply Odorcide, Extract Urine Spots, HWI Carpet, Apply Urine Stain Remover, Leave small bottle, Urine Stain Remover, Leave small bottle, Odorcide


Stairs are $ 45.00

Minimum Service Call $ 100.00

Combo rooms count as two rooms

Rooms over 150’ sq ft count as two rooms

If your traffic lines are heavily soiled a pre – scrub charge may apply $ 7.50 per room

Red Dye Stains require a two part Chemical process along with using a white towel & Steam Iron Ask tech for a quote

Pet accidents happen.

We love pets, but accidents do happen. Ask us about our pet treatment services.

Spills & unknown spots happen too.

Our carpet protection service protects against future stains and will prolong the life of your carpet. 

We all know that there’s nothing better than clean, fresh smelling carpet and upholstery in your home or work space. Regularly carpet cleaning is essential to prolong the life of your carpeted floors as well as having your carpets look their best.  Unless everyone is removing their shoes when they enter your home or office space, every day foot traffic brings soils and pollutants which cause allergens & dust mites as well as dirt and staining.  Food & drink spills can additionally become a source for bacteria and odor. Research shows that cleaning your carpets regularly can hold off in having to buy new replacement carpet by several years which is why we always suggest our customers schedule regular cleanings. 

If you are in need of Woodcrest carpet cleaning, tile, grout, or vinyl cleaning, consider us for your project. 

As we do no adverting, our goal is to always exceed expectations in hopes of customer referrals and repeat business.

Let us know how we can best serve you for all your flooring and upholstery cleaning needs.  

Get a ball park quote by phone and lets chat. 

Why choose us for Woodcrest Carpet Cleaning?

First Class Floor Care has been providing carpet cleaning & restoration services in Woodcrest since 2004. We are family owned and operated and believe in old fashion principles such as a hand shaking, saying ‘thank you’, appreciating the opportunity to EARN each job, and respecting the properties and furnishings of each client. Our goal is always to offer fair value pricing, knowledge and best cleaning possible, with a focus on excellent and professional service and customer experience. First Class Floor Care always always works to exceed the expectations of our Woodcrest carpet cleaning clients so once the cleaning service is completed we hope we will be recommend to friends, family or business partners. It is this philosophy that has propelled our business success as our firm does no advertising, instead relies on referrals and return business. It’s no secret that flooring and upholstery surface trends are constantly changing which is why our staff is required to participate in constant training on all aspects of carpet and floor cleaning. We are always investing in the newest carpet cleaning tools, carpet cleaning equipment, and cleaning solutions to differentiate us from our competitors. 

Some of the allergens that cause problems for a healthy home are:

Dust mites, Pollen, Pet Dander, Mold, Bacteria, Tobacco, Pet Urine, Spills